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Live preview
Start browsing our blocks & check all the blocks live preview with responsive breakpoint checker.
Page generator
Darg n drop blocks to create pages on fly and copy-paste with a single click.
Colors customizer
Customize colors and generate fresh color palettes to import in your site with one click.

Ready-to-use Pages

This are the ready to use pre-arranged pages.

Home Pages

All types of ready-to-use Home pages

Feature Pages

All types of ready-to-use Feature pages

Pricing Pages

All types of ready-to-use Pricing pages

About Pages

All types of ready-to-use About pages

Contact Pages

All types of ready-to-use Contact pages


Templates are designed to easily apply in multiple places on your website.

Archive Templates

Archive Templates are the templates used for Categories & Tags.

Blog Post Templates

All type of Single Blog Post Templates

Global Templates

Global Templates are the templates with header & footer in it.

404 Error Templates

All type of 404 Error Templates

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